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Consultations on FEA

We are always ready to support you if you face a question or a problem which needs consultations of a professional in the sphere of FEA.

We offer our clients free written and oral recommendations  on all logistic and customs problems: proper drafting of international contracts, logistics, customs law, peculiarities of customs execution and permission documents.

To get the most effective consultation we ask you to prepare a list of the most important questions so that we didn’t miss anything important in the whole amount of information.

We consult on:

  • Concluding of foreign trade contracts
  • Organizing and performing  of international trucking by different means of transport.
  • Providing of customs execution of import and export loads.
  • Insurance of loads
  • Warehousing and storage of goods while transportation
  • Documental execution of all stages of trucking including getting necessary certificates, licenses and permissions.

Consultations on FEA