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FEA outsourcing

In FEA outsourcing we act as a foreign trade agent, we are responsible for liability on logistics, managing international trucking and monitoring export and import deals, payments with suppliers. 
You don’t have to take part in any stages of international delivery, all these functions are performed by us.

FEA outsourcing includes:

  • Concluding of a foreign trade contract.
  • Preparation of permission documents.
  • Payments to the supplier.
  • Book-keeping according to peculiarities of international accounts.
  • Payments for import duties and export taxes.
  • Delivery and customs execution of goods.
  • Insurance of good.

We incur currency control, responsibility to FCS of Russia, post-entry audit and providing of legality of import of our client's goods on all stages: during purchase, delivery, customs execution and transfer of cargo which already has a status of Russian goods. 
We are responsible for all risks connected with these processes.

Why FEA outsourcing is beneficial:

  • FEA outsourcing allows to reduce costs and free up material and administrative resources.
  • You don’t need to have an accountant in your personnel who knows currency legislation, a procurement specialist, a logistician, customs applicants and other skilled specialists for performing export and import operations. 

Our experienced specialists will solve the most complicated tasks professionally! 

FEA outsourcing