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Temporary storage warehouse (TSW)

Goods of foreign origin which need customs clearance  are put to the temporary storage warehouse. 

As a rule, to reduce storage costs «the method of execution from the wheels» is used. In this case the goods aren’t unloaded, they are in the cargo compartment of a vehicle and after the execution they are sent to the recipient’s warehouse. 

However, under some circumstances goods have to be put to the TSW:

  • To avoid downtime of a vehicle.
  • The cargo is as part of general cargo.
  • It’s necessary to get a permission on import if the load falls under the ban and restrictions. 

In such cases we are responsible for placing the load to the warehouse and payments to TSW. It allows the recipient not to conclude other contracts and no to make any advance payments for exportation of the load from the warehouse after customs operations.

Temporary storage warehouse (TSW)